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Rakinda industrial barcode reader use in factory assembly lines

Sep. 22, 2023

In the factory production process, the barcode comparison and error prevention management process is a key link to ensure product quality and production efficiency. With the continuous expansion of production scale, the traditional manual code scanning method can no longer meet the needs of high efficiency and low error rate. Against this background, the application of industrial-grade fixed code readers has gradually attracted attention. It not only improves the efficiency of scanning codes, but also effectively reduces the error rate.

Rakinda industrial barcode reader use in factory assembly lines

What is the assembly line anti-replication and error-proofing product scanning system? The assembly line anti-heavy and error-proof product code scanning system consists of an industrial-grade fixed code reader, an industrial controller, a database system, a display screen, and an alarm device. By marking a unique QR code or barcode on the product and using an industrial barcode reader for identification and recording, product tracking, management and quality control are achieved.

As an important part of the assembly line's anti-heavy and error-proof product code scanning system, the industrial-grade fixed code reader has many unique advantages. The LV3000U PLUS industrial fixed barcode reader independently developed by Shenzhen RAKINDA has excellent barcode scanning and digital image collection functions, and can quickly and accurately read barcode information on products. Whether it is a linear barcode or a QR code, whether it is a high-density or low-contrast code, LV3000U PLUS can quickly identify it. It is equipped with a powerful anti-replication and error-proofing function, which can record scanned products in real time to prevent repeated scanning, effectively avoiding repeated entry or exit of products. Moreover, it can also alarm for unqualified products based on preset rules to reduce the error rate. At the same time, LV3000U PLUS can also be seamlessly integrated with the automation system of the production line to achieve real-time data transmission and processing. This makes data collection more accurate and faster, providing strong support for digital production in factories. It is an ideal choice to improve the scanning efficiency of anti-heavy and error-proof products in factory assembly line scenarios.

The staff only need to install the LV3000U PLUS industrial fixed code reader through the adjustable bracket above the factory assembly line. When the product passes through the scanning device, the system can automatically read and record the product information, including production time, production time, etc. Batch, production process, etc. Through this information, companies can track the production status and flow of products in real time, and discover and correct possible problems in a timely manner. At the same time, the code scanning system can also monitor abnormal situations in the production process in real time, such as missed scanning, wrong scanning, etc., issue alarms in a timely manner and take corresponding measures to avoid the generation and flow of defective products into the market.

Rakinda industrial barcode reader use in factory assembly lines

For anti-repair product code scanning systems, industrial-grade fixed code reader solutions provide a variety of application scenarios. Let’s list the following typical scenarios:

1. Logistics sorting

In the field of logistics and warehousing, the LV3000U PLUS industrial fixed code reader can be used to quickly scan the barcodes of goods to achieve automated sorting and delivery, greatly improving logistics efficiency.

2. Production process control

On the production line, the LV3000U PLUS industrial fixed code reader can be used for product tracking and control. By scanning product information, automated production process control is realized to ensure the accuracy of each link.

3. Quality traceability

The LV3000U PLUS industrial fixed code reader can record the scanned code information of each product to achieve traceability of product quality. When a problem occurs, the problematic product can be quickly located and the scope of the recall can be reduced.

What are the advantages of the industrial fixed code reader LV3000U PLUS?

Stable and durable: LV3000U PLUS has a rugged and durable design to adapt to harsh industrial environments. Its shockproof, dustproof and waterproof characteristics ensure the stable operation of the equipment and reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

High-precision recognition: LV3000U PLUS uses a high-resolution image sensor, which can capture the finest barcode details and improve the accuracy of recognition. It can easily read even damaged or blurred barcodes.

Diverse applications: LV3000U PLUS is suitable for various types of barcodes, including one-dimensional codes, two-dimensional codes, etc. Whether you are scanning the serial number of a product on the production line or scanning the batch number of a product in warehouse management, it can do the job.