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How to set the trigger mode of honeywell barcode scanner

Oct. 24, 2022

Barcode scanner is a high-tech Internet of things products, it can scan barcodes, quickly collect data, can greatly improve efficiency, and can reduce the error rate of staff work, is widely used in various industries, barcode scanner in recent years the development of very fast, here mainly explain how to set the trigger mode of Honeywell scanner

How to set the trigger mode of honeywell barcode scanner

Honeywell 1900 QR code scanner

First of all, after the scanner is powered on, find the Trigger option of the handheld of the scanner, and then use the scanner to scan the barcode ManualTrigger-Normal, after the setting is complete, the barcode needs to have a trigger signal when scanning, or hook the switch with your finger.

Honeywell 1911i Industrial Scanner

There is a second trigger mode, which we call the presentation mode, and is generally referred to as the constant light mode. This scan gun can always be in the work pile body, after scanning, the scanning light of the scan gun will not turn off, as long as contact with the bar code, it will scan, if you want to change back to trigger mode, just sweep the "trigger mode" bar code can be.