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Warehouse management solution for furniture manufacturing industry

Nov. 24, 2022

There are so many products and parts in the furniture industry, it is very troublesome to manage, and the price of a single product of furniture is very high, which has great advantages. According to the type of furniture or the needs of management, barcode management can be managed to a single piece of furniture or a single variety, If the management requirements are refined to a single product, a barcode is compiled for each product to distinguish it from other products, that is, the same product also has a different barcode number, and the management of such a single item can realize product information in the entire Logistics links are tracked. It can trace the quality of a single product, and there are also management methods for some products that are not suitable for single-piece management. The type of product can be barcoded, and the quantity of the product can be recorded at the same time. When the quantity of the product changes, the quantity recorded in the database can be updated through the barcode of the product type to realize the management of the product type.

System management includes user rights management, data backup and recovery, supplier information management, dealer information management, raw material information management

User rights management is to realize the management of system users and the distribution of user rights. The system will assign different user rights to different users. For example, for operators, they are only allowed to operate on their own operating parts. , the part that is not operated by oneself has no operation authority, which can better ensure the stability of system use and data security.

Data backup, data backup can manage and maintain the system database, and the system regularly backs up the database to ensure that the system can be restored in time when there is a problem, thereby reducing losses. The data recovery function mainly realizes the recovery of database backup files into database files. Improve system security and anti-risk capabilities. the

The management of supplier information and dealer information can realize the management of raw material supplier information and product dealer information. Such as the name, contact information, supply materials, etc. of suppliers and distributors.


The information management of raw materials mainly includes wood, steel wire, cloth, leather, etc., and the management of raw material information realizes operations such as adding, deleting, and updating raw materials.

Order management module: It mainly performs management operations such as generation, modification, and deletion of orders made by the marketing company.

In addition, it also manages the functions of various departments.

The production organization department mainly includes marketing department, production department, purchasing department, raw material management department, etc. the

Order formulation and management, according to the fax, the marketing company makes an order within the system, which contains the necessary information required. And according to the actual situation, the order can be supplemented and modified. In addition, functions such as query and summary statistics can be performed on previous orders.

Finished product outbound loading list and dispatching list management, according to the requirements of the order, make a loading list, the loading list has a document number, which is automatically generated by the system. According to the document number, the pick-up personnel go to the warehouse to pick up the goods, and the warehouse can call out the details of the loading list made by the marketing company according to the document number, and deliver the goods according to the loading list; in special cases, the warehouse needs to supplement the loading list (need ), it is necessary to notify the marketing company and modify the loading order, the system will automatically make a record, and generate a dispatch order based on the actual delivery of finished products for the marketing company to use.

Manage each production workshop. According to the production situation, the system collects and manages the information of the production environment of each workshop, mainly involving the management of picking lists, label printing, and label pasting at the quality inspection department.

Warehouse management solution for furniture manufacturing industry

Use a handheld PDA to manage the storage department, mainly responsible for the entry and exit of products and the inventory of goods. The purpose is to manage the number of entries and exits, the time of entry and exit, and the information of operators. It can improve the accuracy and accuracy of entry and exit. Speed, easy inventory clearing, easy to find goods, etc.