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  • SM-BT06BS Automatic Flap Barrier Gate Access Control Turnstile
  • SM-BT06BS Automatic Flap Barrier Gate Access Control Turnstile

SM-BT06BS Automatic Flap Barrier Gate Access Control Turnstile

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Function Introduction

- It has fault self-test and alarm prompt function, which is convenient for users to maintain and use.

- External control signal or button or remote control can be connected to any control device to achieve single bidirectional control.

- Automatic reset function: The system will automatically cancel the permission of the pass when it is swung 90 degrees and detects that the person and the object have passed, that is, it is automatically reset, or when the specified time (delayed and multi-speed adjustable) is not passed. Return to the initial position.

- Light indication: High-brightness traffic light status indication, guiding traffic.

Anti-tailing function

- After the current person and object pass, in the process of resetting the swing arm, if someone trails or brakes, the swing arm automatically blocks and alarms.

- When the current person and object are not completely passed when the infrared detection is installed, if someone trails in, the infrared activates the alarm.

- Fire input: It can be connected with the fire alarm signal to realize the constant electric drop rod normally open.

- Alarm prompt function: When the illegal passage or the brake is activated, an alarm prompt is automatically issued.

- Speed adjustable: The speed of swing arm opening and closing is adjustable in multiple stages, and the user can set according to actual needs.

- A new generation of industrial-grade ARM control system with additional functions such as multi-function digital setting, encryption and reset.

- Anti-reverse function: In the process of resetting the swing arm, if an external force reverses the swing arm, the swing arm will automatically start the reverse thrust and issue an alarm. When the external force disappears, it will automatically return to the zero position to resume the passage.

- Automatic protection function: When the external force prevents the swing arm from moving normally, and the external force is continuous, the system will automatically detect and automatically enter the sleep state after 20 seconds. When the next legal signal is input, the gate will automatically return to normal.

- Multi-level anti-collision buffer function: When illegally passing or braking, the brake lever buffers the corresponding angle and activates the instant reverse thrust, and activates the alarm at the same time, which achieves humanized anti-injury while greatly reducing the occurrence of frequent or continuous collision. Mechanical damage.

- Unattended: The power-off swing arm automatically opens normally, and the power is automatically reset (blocking traffic).

SM-BT06BS Automatic Flap Barrier Gate Access Control TurnstileSM-BT06BS Automatic Flap Barrier Gate Access Control Turnstile

Chassis size1400 length * 180 width * 1000 height (MM)
Swing arm length250mm (standard), can be lengthened or shortened appropriately
Weightsingle movement about 70Kg, double movement 160KG
swing angle of the swing arm180 degrees
Chassis material and production processGB 304 stainless steel sheet, cutting, cutting, bending, welding, grinding, polishing, etc.
Access voltageAC220±10V, 50HZ
Drive motorbrush motor
Number of failures (number of swings)15 million times
Motor speed1600 rpm
LED indicator2
Passing speed40 people / minute (normally open), 30-45 people / minute (normally closed)
Gate opening and closing time0.5-2 seconds
Time required to enter the traffic state after power-on3 seconds
Automatic reset time after failure10 seconds
Working environmentindoor and outdoor (recommended rain canopy)
Adaptation temperatureTemperature: -30°C - 60°C
Adapt to humidiHumidity: 5% - 90%
Number of failures (number of rotations)5 million times