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  • SM-BY11BS Wing Turnstile Barrier Gate Access Control System
  • SM-BY11BS Wing Turnstile Barrier Gate Access Control System
  • SM-BY11BS Wing Turnstile Barrier Gate Access Control System
  • SM-BY11BS Wing Turnstile Barrier Gate Access Control System

SM-BY11BS Wing Turnstile Barrier Gate Access Control System

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Function Features:

- The automatic movement and baffle are made of flexible material, which is stable in operation and soft in cushioning.

- After the power is cut off, the channel wing is automatically contracted for easy access stability.

- ID card, IC card, barcode card, fingerprint machine, palm type meter, face recognition and other identification methods.

- Smooth working movement and powerful software support, in addition to the normal use of the function, the overall system can meet the following functions.

- Read the card data details with memory, display time and display photos and monitor the desktop in real time.

- In a two-way passage, the software automatically distinguishes the passer-by of the passer.

- Accurately count the number of people in the pass and automatically distinguish between the number of completed, in and out, and the number of people staying.

- Implement an alarm for unreasonable operations or forced entry, and capture the forcible entrant.

- The software completes the issuance of the card class and sets the permissions, which can be set according to the requirements.

- Software adjustable pass speed 0-10 seconds and normally open normally closed time period setting 00:00-23:59

- Sound and light alarm, fire alarm or computer-specified music alarm.

- Communication method RS485 or TCP/IP customers can choose.

- Work status is online or offline.

Related Applications:

Office space: business buildings, government agencies, etc.

Science and education units: institutions of higher learning, research institutes, kindergartens, libraries, museums, etc.

Commercial service places: supermarkets, business buildings, hotels, banks, convention centers, etc.

Leisure and entertainment venues: stadiums, parks, scenic spots, playgrounds, leisure clubs, etc.

Transportation stations: bus stations, railway stations, high-speed rail stations, subway stations, ferries, airports, etc.

Gate assemblyMovement, stainless steel cabinet, gate control panel and power supply
Drive modeMotor drive, photoelectric induction
Machine speed≥30 people/minute (normally closed) ≥60 person/minute (normally open)
Noise indicator≤50DB
Channel width≤550mm
Working ModeOne way & Two ways
Status indicationPass/disable indicator
VoltageInput AC220V; output DC24V, DC12V
PowerStatic: single channel 30W; dynamic: single channel 80W
Interface parameters1 RS232 interface, 2 punching signals (passive), 1 fire alarm signal
Working EnvironmentIndoor & Outdoor
Working Temperature-10 ° C ~ 60 ° C, relative humidity 5% ~ 95%, no condensation
Inspection Port2pcs
Dimension1400 (L) x 300(W) x980(H)mm .Can be customized
Turnstile NW100kg
Input InterfaceDry contact signal, 12V pulse signal with 12V level or pulse width ≥100ms
Communicatiin InterfacerRS485 (distance ≤ 1200 m), TCP/IP